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According to the law, anyone visiting a site with cookies should get information about:
 - that the site contains cookies
 - what these cookies are used for
 - how to avoid cookies

Cookies are small text files, containing letters and numbers stored on your computer or device. Cookies are saved on your computer when you visit a website that uses cookies and can e.g. be used to track which pages you visit on the site, save entered information or remember your preferences, such as language settings.

There are two types of Cookies:
 - One saves a file that is left on your computer. For example, the file is used to make it easier for you to use the site based on your wishes and interests.
 - The other is a session cookie. When you visit the site, the cookie is stored temporarily in your computer's memory. The cookies disappear when you close the browser and no personal information is saved.

We use only session cookies

We use cookies to provide services to you, provide a secure online environment and provide you with a better experience on the site. The data is not used to identify individuals except for the applicants who log in to the pages. The cookie disappears when you finish the visit.

How to not accept storage of cookies

You can specify in your browser settings if you want or do not want to allow cookies. If you choose to not allow cookies, you can still visit the webpage, but the use of most features, such as setting up an applicant-account or logging in to your account, does not work. You can turn off cookies in your web-browser's settings.